Lozeau Drury LLP


Believes in...

Partnering with clients to complement and enhance their overall strategies

Advocating firmly but respectfully

Solving problems efficiently and cost-effectively

Dedicating ourselves to issues and cases that keep us moving toward an ever healthier, natural and more sustainable environment

Recognizing that a healthy environment includes the places where we live, work and play.


Labor and Environment

Lozeau | Drury LLP partner Richard Drury works with organized labor to create clean, safe jobs. Many labor unions have recognized that environmental enforcement can enhance health and safety for their members while also creating new jobs, such as installing solar panels, building pollution control equipment, and remediating environmental hazards. Workers are generally exposed to toxic chemicals at levels many times higher than the general public. When industrial accidents occur, they usually affect workers first and worst.

Lozeau | Drury LLP has worked with organized labor to ensure that proposed and existing projects install feasible pollution controls to minimize their environmental impacts, thereby protecting the health of workers and the community, while also maximizing community benefits.

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