Lozeau Drury LLP


Believes in...

Partnering with clients to complement and enhance their overall strategies

Advocating firmly but respectfully

Solving problems efficiently and cost-effectively

Dedicating ourselves to issues and cases that keep us moving toward an ever healthier, natural and more sustainable environment

Recognizing that a healthy environment includes the places where we live, work and play.

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LOZEAU  |  DRURY LLP is an environmental law firm representing non-profit environmental and recreational groups, labor organizations, neighborhood associations, and Indian tribes in their efforts to create and protect livable neighborhoods and cities, clean up air and water pollution, protect endangered species, protect open spaces, reduce exposures to toxic pollutants, and create clean, safe jobs.

We Can Help
Partners Richard Drury and Michael Lozeau have spent over two decades creating and implementing cutting edge strategies that have given their clients the tools to effectively address some of California’s most intractable pollution problems and go head-to-head with some of the state’s most powerful adversaries, including oil refineries, timber companies, federal and state agencies, and big developers.

Lozeau Drury is Moving!The Lozeau Drury office is moving April 1, 2019.  Lozeau Drury’s new address is 1939 Harrison Street, Suite 150, Oakland, California, 94612.


1939 Harrison Street, Suite 150, Oakland, California 94612
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