Legal Excellence With A Mission

Based in Oakland, California, Lozeau | Drury LLP is a small firm with large ambitions. Our six attorneys and five staff members are exclusively dedicated to the practice of environmental law, taking on issues impacting clients throughout the state of California, and beyond.

We are proud to be considered among the preeminent environmental law firms in California and to partner with organizations and individuals who share our common mission.

Each of our skilled attorneys had a history of environmental advocacy before founding or joining the firm. To learn more about our attorneys, please follow the links below:

The Beliefs that Guide Our Practice

The cases we litigate and the problems we seek to address threaten California's physical environment and the health of its residents and visitors. This undertaking requires a well-defined set of values.

At Lozeau| DruryLLP, we believe in:

  • Partnering with clients to complement and enhance their overall strategies
  • Advocating firmly but respectfully
  • Solving problems efficiently and cost effectively
  • Dedicating ourselves to issues and cases that keep us moving toward an ever healthier, natural, and more sustainable environment
  • Recognizing that a healthy environment includes the places where we live, work, and play

LOZEAU | DRURY LLP Represents Its Clients with a Range of Services

  • State and federal court litigation
  • Strategy development
  • Negotiations
  • Advocacy and participation in local and state agency land use, project, and policy approval proceedings
  • Legislation and regulation drafting and advocacy

LOZEAU | DRURY LLP Knows Environmental Law

  • Federal Clean Air Act
  • California Clean Air Act
  • Federal Water Pollution Control Act
  • Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act
  • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
  • Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act (Proposition 65)
  • California Coastal Act
  • Freedom of Information Act
  • California Public Records Act
  • Renewable Energy Policy
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